The Issue Of Morning Sickness And The Appropriate Medication For It

Women's Health

Pregnancy is a very tricky time in a woman’s life because at this phase they face a lot of change in her mood as well as her body structure. Not only that, pregnancy brings a number of health concerns for the mother and this definitely includes the morning sickness.

Facing morning sickness is very common in most of the woman that is followed by a sense of nausea, vomit, weakness, loss in appetite etc. While it is noticed that 80-85% of the woman deal with the morning sickness very calmly the rest, have quite an adverse affect on their health. Often this morning sickness leads to weakness, loss in appetite, noticeable weight loss etc which becomes a major reason of concern for the pregnant mother and the family.

This when women seek medical assistance and get prescribed with a pill called zofran that helps them through the morning sickness. While this medicine has been a topic of debate for very long time, let us see what all discussion it hold for zofran while pregnant 2016.

But, before that let us learn a few more facts about the medicine. Women who face morning sickness often go for prescribed zofran. With all the fuss about the medicine, pregnant women might wonder whether or not the medication is FDA approved or not. Well for all the readers, zofran is FDA approved but only a “pregnancy category B” medicine. The reason for it being a category B is because over the years several studies have been done on the women who took the medicine during their pregnancy and the results are not stable at all. The results have often showed a varied structure that still keeps up the suspense.

But, if you ladies have gotten all worked up and concerned after reading the last few line then please calm down. There is no need to panic. The FDA has ‘pregnancy category A’ medicine called diclegis. This drug has been recently approved by the FDA to treat morning sickness. And with all the recent studies and reports it has been found out that this drug does not carry any potential risk for the mother or the baby.

If this still hasn’t been able cam down fears and suspicion then you could always do an online research about zofran and pregnancy 2016. But, I need to warn you because you might have to go a ton of online pages with strictly medical related words which could be quite overwhelming. So, in case of any doubts it is best to consult your gynaecologist.

Your doctor will listen to your concern as well as give a good advice about the medicine. But, my advice to all the pregnant ladies out there is that you should try to handle the morning sickness as naturally as possible. For those women who have to face adverse effects due to the morning sickness and suffer a considerable weight loss must immediately refer to their doctor and seek proper guidance and help from the experts.