Factor consider about IGF-1 for bodybuilding

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In fact IGF-1 for bodybuilding is also called as insulin like growth factor-1 and it is the peptide hormone and it is most famous supplement. It is the hormone with the molecular structure which is quiet similar to insulin. IGF-1 plays most important role as the growth hormone and it is secreted by glands of endocrine system and it produced variety of changes as well as regulation of the body functions. According to the researches says that IGF-1 is called as somatomedin C and it was controlled by human growth hormone that is produced in pituitary gland at brain.

Is safe to use IGF-1 for bodybuilding

Endogenous insulin like growth hormone is secreted and produced by liver. IGF-1 is the sisters of IGF-2 and IGF-3. Most of the people are using IGF-1 for bodybuilding cycle because it acts as growth factor and it can promote the proliferation and development of muscle tissues and cells. The spray is known to improve muscle mass gains, strength and endurance because it has effects on muscle growth development and tissues. It could be defined as performance enhancer and it consists of more than 70 bonded amino acids that could be essential to development of protein cells. Supplemental use of the injection or sublingual is more effective one when it comes to the results. Insulin like growth factor 1 bodybuilding is mostly interacting with the insulin cell receptors. It is having capability to accelerate cellular growth and IGF-1 has similar to insulin because it can maximize the synthesis of glycogen. There are two different types of the growth factors are available in human body like mechano growth factor that trigger action of proteins. As everyone knows proteins are responsible for synthesis of the muscle proteins. This function also enables the cell to repair damaged muscle fibers. If you take high intensity weight training then you must take this supplement because it stimulates the release of IGF-1 into the muscle fibers. Certain factors are responsible to synthesis and stimulation of IGF-1 production in human body. Basically diet, adequate calorie intake, adequate levels of the protein is most important one to maintain and stimulate production. In fact hormone levels gradually decrease with age so you must take the best supplement. Actually excessive caloric intake might lead to maximize in body fat and you should take only less dosage of growth hormone supplement.

To understand effects of IGF-1 for bodybuilding

You should keep in mind; hormone is most powerful components in human body and it may contribute to numerous numbers of mental and physical thought process and physical functions. Human body tends to produce adequate amounts of the IGF-1 and other hormones when you follow nutritious and balanced diet. If you follow healthy diet then you can acquire more numbers of the advantages. In case you misuse this supplement then surely you may suffer from harmful effects such as potential effects of cancer, pain experienced in facial muscles, enlarged heart and protruding belly so carefully follow dosage recommendation.